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Have you wondered what it would be like to live in a country completely different from the United States? Has the call to adventure ever rang your doorbell but you were never bold enough to answer? That was me until I dove right into teaching English as a Second Language in the Korean public school system.

I didn’t know where I would be living, what age-group I was teaching, and who I would be working with until my first day of work. Fortunately, I went into the experience expecting surprises, I even preferred it that way.

I had no bank…

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, has brought with it a refreshingly new set of experiences and expectations. My first few weeks of the expansion were dogged by nagging anxiety, urging me to do N’zoth assaults or farm emissary chests. To my surprise, Torghast is really the only player boosting “chore” the expansion has to offer. Yet, Blizzard has been overly mysterious about their intentions for Torghast and after several weeks the community has become conflicted over these intentions as well.

Some believe it’s too difficult, others think it’s too easy, a group comprised of both think it’s just a…

Personal Photo

I can’t travel without seeing some kind of garden or natural place, any negligence effectively ruins my broader experience. It’s safe to say that I adore gardens and, surprisingly, they a great cultural window. My trip to a Korean garden was particularly eye-opening. Despite my fascination for all kinds of flora, I’m especially taken by moss. I love the way it smells, the way it cushions the ground, and the way it manages to cling to just about everything. …

What images flow through your mind when you think of power? You may conjure lightbulbs and circuitry, perhaps engines combusting and horses pulling loads, or even militarized police and weaponized armies. Your initial response illustrates how often you’re thinking about social power and its forms. Unfortunately, many people don’t quite see are the near-invisible networks of power woven throughout our society. We may see the physical consequences of power but rarely do we see the various threads binding each of us together. Start by looking at your own life for inspiration. Any aspect of our life is subject to a…

Game Footage: Asteroid selection screen

It wouldn’t be outlandish to think of an asteroid as a lifeless rock floating through space. But, in the base-building survival game Oxygen Not Included (ONI), made by Klei Entertainment, asteroids are staggeringly diverse and surprisingly full of life although, most of that life doesn’t live on oxygen. It is here, on this tiny space-rock, where I would learn unexpected lessons that completely reshaped my paradigm.

The game’s objective is simple, survive long enough to build a rocket and escape. With no hordes of enemies, no lack of building space, and an overabundance of resources the game finds itself with…

In a country the size of Indiana, with only 30% of the peninsula being easily habitable, it wouldn’t be outlandish to assume that intense urbanization would dominate South Korean society. I imagined a massively compact cityscape with skyscrapers dwarfing what I thought humanly possible, people and streets stretching as far as the eye can see, and miles of concrete without an ounce of natural life. For the most part, all of this is true with Seoul, the country’s capital, being the 5th largest city in the world and encompassing a large portion of the country.

Personal photo: taken at Namsan Tower in Seoul, South Korea.

What was surprising to me…

Jacob Perkins

World traveler, life-long learner and freelance writer.

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